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The City of Helsinki is developing the new Savonkatu area for working, living and city life jointly with an expert team gathered by NCC.

Explore the virtual model of the area

The virtual model has been created according to the plan proposal.

An entirely new neighbourhood is being planned in the next few years in the Savonkatu area of Alppila, a stonecast away from the Konepaja and Pasila districts of Helsinki. In addition to the parks, the nearly 7-hectare placemaking project includes spaces for living, working and shopping, different kinds of services and squares. All this will bring more life to the Savonkatu quarters and make the neighbourhood more inviting. The new construction is mainly being planned along the streets to create an interesting urban space there.

The area is being planned according to the development goals set by the City of Helsinki. The City supervises the work of the expert team gathered by NCC.

What is it about?

We are planning a new neighbourhood in the Savonkatu area that is friendly for both the residents and the environment. The goal of this ambitious project is to introduce a new way of building Helsinki. The goal is that the future block area will have squares and park areas for life, services for city residents, and jobs and apartments for thousands of people.
Changing Savonkatu from a four-lane thoroughfare for car traffic to a two-lane inner-city park street is the central starting point for the site plan change. The change is made possible by the new Veturitie, where the north-south car traffic passing through Pasila is directed.

More jobs and high-quality inner-city living in a very accessible area. The significant green connection running through the middle of the area, the open cliffs and legal areas that are central to the landscape and cityscape, as well as the visibility of the cliffs in the street space, have been taken into account in the zoning. In the planning solution, a special effort has been made to solve the coordination between the compaction of the urban structure and the green connection.

Four office blocks, two residential blocks and an underground parking facility are planned for the area. New homes will be built for approximately 750 residents. Park areas to stay in are developed as high-quality, pedestrian-oriented and emphasizing local identity.

Construction works in the area are estimated to start in 2025 at the earliest.

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How is the project progressing?

In summer 2022, the Participation and Assessment Plan of the Savonkatu plan alteration was displayed at (in Finnish). You can still view the preliminary plans on the Finnish ’Kerro Kantasi’ service. The city dwellers were invited to share their opinions about three reference plans – what was good about them and what could be developed still.

The summary on the comments from the online survey and the views brought up during the site walk of 13 June 2022 were used in support of the planning alternatives’ review process and further development of the plan. The plan proposal was introduced to the Urban Environment Committee on 19 September 2023. Based on the reminders and statements, the proposal was reviewed.

The Urban Environment Committee approved the revised plan proposal on April 16, 2024. The City Council will decide on the plan’s approval.


  • 2021

    • 11 January 2021

      The City Board grants a development reservation to NCC and decides on related development conditions.

    • In 2021

      NCC as the developer carries out a preliminary charting by making online surveys, interviews and through city-planning consultants.

  • 2022

    • Early 2022

      NCC creates three sketches for developing the area under the supervision of the city-planning authority.

    • 1 – 21 June 2022

      The Participation and Assessment Plan with the sketch drawings are displayed on the City’s online Kerro kantasi / Voice Your Opinion service. During the period of display, on 13 June 2022, a public site walk is arranged as part of the interactive process.

    • Autumn 2022 – Autumn 2023

      Investigations and a reference plan related to the plan proposal are made under the supervision of the City of Helsinki, considering the conditions of the development reservation and the feedback received in the participation and assessment process.

  • 2023

    • Autumn 2023

      The plan proposal is first submitted to the Urban Environment Committee on 19 September 2023 and then put on public display.

    • Year-end 2023

      The feedback is considered and answers prepared for it.

  • 2024

    • Early 2024

      A revised plan alteration proposal, related expert investigations and statements are planned based on the Urban Environment Committee proceedings and received comments.

    • Spring 2024

      The revised proposal for plan alteration is submitted to the Urban Environment Committee for consideration.

    • Summer 2024

      Negotiation of land use agreements

    • Autumn 2024

      The plan proposal and land use agreements are submitted to the City Board and the City Council’s decision-making process.

    • End of the year 2024

      After the plan alteration decision to be made by the City Council, the decision is put on display.

    • Turn of the year 2024 – 2025

      Plan acquires legal validity.

  • 2025

    • Spring - autumn 2025

      Building permit planning for the first development phase, building permit application and related hearing process among the neighbouring properties.

    • Autumn 2025

      Granting of building permit, commencement of construction.

    • As of autumn – towards year-end

      Construction with the commissioning of the first phase in the first half of 2028.

  • 2035

    • Approximately 2035...2040

      All area development phases are completed.

The preliminary idea is to expand Helsinki city centre towards the north by developing the Savonkatu area into a lively urban neighbourhood. Apartments, offices, teaching and business premises will bring more life to the neighbourhood between the Alppila, Konepaja and Central Pasila districts.

How can you make a difference?

The Savonkatu area development plan is built on the principle of participation. We are planning a new urban neighbourhood based on interaction between the residents and different actors and parties to the development project for all to call their own. We are gathering ideas through several channels in the different phases of the project. For example, we are arranging surveys, questionnaires, interviews, a virtual walk through the area and a resident occasion. You can follow this website to keep track on the upcoming events.

We used the feedback and ideas received in the first phase for drafting the alternative plans to be considered and commented by the public in the interactive process. The information was gathered through the 'Kerro kantasi' service maintained by the City of Helsinki. A more elaborate area plan will be prepared for the plan alteration proposal based on the comments received.