24.5.2021 | Milla Nummikoski

The Savonkatu area is being developed in the spirit of Alppila

The development of the Savonkatu area kicked off with diverse data collection and presentation of the views and wishes of the various participating parties regarding the future of the area.

Anu Lamminpää / Helsingin kaupunki

Open brainstorming by the residents was made possible without any confining boundary conditions, objectives or plans that would direct thinking. The City’s starting point for the development of Savonkatu is extensive interaction with residents as part of the planning as well as mapping the use of the area and experiences as a basis for the planning.

In the City’s regional development projects, various surveys have become an established practice; they have reached the city’s residents extensively, particularly through web-based implementations. For a city planner, this offers an excellent information and idea bank that supports planning and helps justify solutions. The hopes and wishes expressed are varied yet valuable per se, even though not every wish can be realised as is.

The data collected from the area’s residents, employees and companies and those moving about the area has been largely congruent with the boundary conditions set for planning in the development reservation. The aim is for the new construction to mostly be located along streets in order to keep the park areas as vast as possible while simultaneously protecting them from street noise. Another element that has been highlighted in feedback is the significance of the outcrops to the locals as well as the wish that construction continue in the spirit of Alppila.

Ideas for a functional and experiential environment

The notions of the planners and residents regarding pleasant locations and the current nature of the Savonkatu street area itself correspond as well. The ideas presented by residents include numerous small ideas that are feasible and would introduce experiential elements in the shared environment. Public areas, particularly park environments, can be developed according to the residents’ wishes by improving the routes and recreational opportunities.

What has been delightful in the data collection phase is how the information from residents and experts has helped the developers and planners form a strong picture of the spirit of Alppila and, through it, the solutions that will be pursued. At best, development supports the existing character by strengthening the positive characteristics and introducing new solutions and services adapted specifically for the area in question.

Continuous interaction and a look at the starting points of development

Interaction is continuous in the project, although in a multi-phase process it focuses on periods in which new planning materials are presented and an opportunity is provided to influence further planning. Planning based on comprehensive initial data is currently underway, and the aim is for alternative draft plans to be made available for comments through the Kerrokantasi service later this year.

Before that, we will wrap up the first phase of development into a package by presenting the starting points of the area’s planning, the objectives of development and a summary of the data collection carried out in the initial phase at a resident event to be held at 5pm on Wednesday 2 June. The event will be held online, a participation link can be found in the event information.

Come and listen!


Milla Nummikoski, architect
leader of the Savonkatu area planning project
City of Helsinki, Urban Environment Division, detailed planning