2.2.2021 | Pirkka Pikkarainen

Property developer as the factor behind a flourishing urban environment – with technology as the facilitator

The construction and real estate industry is a major source of environmental impacts. It is therefore only natural that one should put serious long-term effort to hasten up the development of solutions for more sustainable construction and operation of buildings.

Global trends such as urbanisation, the increasing complexity of projects to be constructed in all more densely built urban environments, and the constantly growing expectations and requirements on the part of the building users and property owners have put authorities, developers, designers and builders in a key position to find the necessary solutions. The corona pandemic has contributed to the irrecovable change taken place in the behaviour of companies, employees, residents and consumers; the restrictions introduced due to the pandemic have yet accelerated the digitalisation process underway.

A property developer’s key task is to design and implement viable urban environments ensuring, at the same time, that the projects are always implemented according to the best practices, sustainably, and also in a way that stands the test of time. Many buildings have had to be demolished way before the expiry of their designed service life also here in Finland, which has not gone unnoticed by the public eye. Such measures as individual factors cause major environmental impacts. This is why adaptability and viability of buildings and planning areas are among the very basic objectives of a property developer.

OOPS serves as testing ground for the most advanced applications

NCC runs a long and solid history as a user of information modelling in the Nordic construction projects. OOPS (Oasis of Professionals) in the Leppävaara district of Espoo is a good example of our testing activity. It is a project engaged by us jointly with Trimble to investigate the most advanced VDC applications and equipment available in the business. We are honoured to have the opportunity to build Trimble’s future headquarters at OOPS which is located along the Monikonpuro brook, in a new green area to be formed in the vicinity. Growing fast a vigorously, Leppävaara offers excellent traffic connections and services in OOPS’ immediate surroundings.

Construction and real estate are the world’s most project-centred industry making it more difficult to find centralised solutions in line with the principles of sustainable development. On the other hand, it is just these projects that include a wide range of competencies and disciplines. A culture of inclusion is evolving “outside” the projects, making it possible to better and earlier engage outside parties to be using and enjoying the area, the buildings and the services after their completion.

BIM and the amazing technologies they enable, such as different AR and VR applications, along with the robotisation, the constantly diversifying simulation options and analytic tools as well as the democratisation and real-time accessibility of data can afford real estate and construction professionals more and more opportunities to use their skills as designers and builders of flourishing future environments.
Join us in a brave Let’s set out for a brave joint journey to change the world!

Pirkka Pikkarainen
Project Director